Powderfinger Spirits is an artisanal distiller of spirited beverages, focused primarily on hand-made whiskeys, rums, and vodkas.  All of our spirits are made from scratch in small batches at our facility in Buda, Texas, using high quality ingredients sourced as locally as possible.

Powderfinger is an experiment in “social distilling.”  We are full of recipe ideas, and we like lots of different styles of spirits.  We want to try them all, and we want to know which ones work for you.  So we make this commitment–we will serialize each batch and let you know what recipe is in each bottle we produce.  We will solicit your feedback via a ratings system available online via our website, and other mechanisms such as iPhone, Android, and Facebook apps.  Then we will make more of the recipes you like, and let you know when and where you can find your favorites.

Check back with us soon, we plan to have our first products on the shelves in the fall of 2011.